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Eitech Educational Construction Sets at Carl and Me Toys

>> Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Carl and Me Exceptional Toys has a new line of toys called Eitech. If you have children who love figuring out how things work, the will love these educational construction sets. Eitech sets are German-made durable, building toys that allow children to build moving toys. Eitech sets are some of the most popular science toys on the market today and a great gift for curious, creative children.

The Eitech Beginner 10-Model Construction Set lets your child build up to ten different exciting models! This set is suggested for children 4 and up. It encourages tots to build and make tools. The set also offers step by step illustrated instructions to help your child learn to build. All 280 parts can be attached to each other!

What could be cooler? How about throwing solar power into the mix? Now your little scientists can build a creation and become familiar with harnessing solar power to make it go! Eitech Solar Powered Multi-Propelled Construction Set is designed to teach children the basics of solar power and work without generators or batteries. Instead, it uses a powerful solar panel to encourage environment friendly play. Once built, simply place Solar panel directly under sunlight and watch in amazement as it automatically powers up! Each kit builds up to three solar powered models. Illustrations and tools are included for easy assembly. It is recommended for children 8 years and up.

Every kid loves building with wheels! The Eitech Classic Jeep Construction Set offers three different possible models to build. Made of high-quality steel, each set includes fully functional steering and large volume wheels for endless creations. Step by step illustrated instructions are included for easy to follow directions. This one is also recommended for children 8 years and up.

Carl and me offers many more educational, fun, and eco-friendly toys. Check them out at


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