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I Just Had an Energy Audit Done by Pro Energy Consultants

>> Wednesday, November 17, 2010

As you all know, two of the things I am passionate about are going green and saving money. So when I had the opportunity to have a comprehensive energy efficiency audit done on my house, of course, I jumped at the chance!

Derek Pace of Pro Energy Consultants set up a time that was convenient for me and came out and conducted my audit. Now, the thing that made me most confident in Pro Energy services is that they are an unbiased, third party working for the home owner and NOT SELLING any products! I knew before he got started that he wasn't going to hit me up to buy a new furnace or put in new windows or any sales pressure whatsoever because they only sell the audit itself. Knowing that, really makes the audit a much more valuable service because they are just working to provide you with information on your home.

My Pro Energy Consultant, Derek, began by setting up a false door with a fan attached that pressurizes the home and helps give an electronic diagnostic of the home's air barrier. (He called it a blower door with a manometer.) He then proceeded with his infrared thermal imaging scanner throughout my house to determine areas of leakage and below standard insulation. (My son loved this part and Derek was really great about letting him get a peek at the machine and how it works too.) Derek showed me things as he went along so I got a feel for what he was doing and how he was determining things. He also gave me a packet after the visit that summed up all the information he had shared with me and much more that he couldn't have had time to tell me at the visit.

The packet has a lot of great energy efficiency information and then it also has the report on my house. It is very detailed and a person like me could get lost in the details so I really appreciated the Pro Energy/ Comfort Action Plan. Each recommendation that was made to improve the energy efficiency of my home was in priority order. I had 10 things on my list and almost all of them could be done by my handy husband. There was really simple fixes that I didn't even know about, like installing foam gaskets on all outlets!

I also really liked the photo summary he provided which helped show the problems. In this photo, you can see the infrared photo and then the digital photo of the same shot. The first set shows inadequate insulation along the ceiling to wall connection of an interior room. The second set shows the fireplace allowing significant leakage. There were many more photos but I don't want to bore you with the specifics on my home!

If you are interested in getting an energy audit for your own home to help you go greener and save more green too, I definitely think that Pro Energy Consultants does a great job at providing you with easy, simple steps to follow to improve the efficiency of your home. In fact, Pro Energy Consultants offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you don't think it was provided valuable information, then your audit is free! And if you happen to live in the Nashville area, Derek Pace is offering my readers $50 off an audit!

I did receive the energy audit free of charge in the hopes that I would share my honest opinions. I received no monetary compensation and the opinions expressed are my own.


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