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Great Puzzles and Brain Challenging Toys: Brain String Advanced, Escher Mirrorkal, Magic Beans, and the Magic Kid

>> Monday, December 20, 2010

Here are some great toys that really challenge the brain and get those wheels turning! Stretch a child's mental muscles or your own with these unusual puzzles.

Brain String Advanced
This top selling puzzle has multiple sides, colored strings and easy to grasp rubber tips. Brainstring Advanced is designed to stretch your puzzle solving skills to the next level. To solve the puzzle, maneuver the tabs so that each side has only one color and the knot is untied. This puzzle is meant for age 7 and up, sharpens critical thinking skills, and is great for keeping kids occupied on long road trips because there are no pieces to lose!

Escher Mirrorkal
This visually intricate and rewarding reflecting puzzle features the art of M.C. Eshcer and is a must have for all puzzle addicts! In Escher Mirrorkal, five of Escher’s images are cleverly transformed into a puzzle by renowned inventor Ivan Moscovich. You can't go wrong with a puzzle created by two genius creators. This brain teaser is also aimed at age 7+.

The Magic Beans

The Magic Beans are a great introduction to the Art of Balance and can be enjoyed by those aged 3+. These 5 wooden beans pose a design and balance challenge to young and old alike. Make your own designs and learn about stability with these wooden beans made of a beautiful combination of beechwood and light colors. A challenging and absorbing toy, it is perfect for the small playspaces or the desktop. Hone your balance and concentration skills!

The Magic Kid
The magic of spinning tops and magnetics challenge hand-eye coordination with this shapely quartet of high-gloss Beechwood pieces. Watch the The Magic Kid spinning tops orbiting the wand without collision, or use the magic wand to push away the tops or to make them keep spinning. You can explore and create your own tricks with these 4 elegantly designed wooden pieces with magnets hidden inside. The Magic Kid teaches about balance, gravity and magnetics - all in one beautiful toy!

And now the challenging part is picking just one of these entertaining brain teasers!


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