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Some Cool Green Wooden Toys To Inspire Play: Varis and Fagus

>> Thursday, December 16, 2010

You have all seen building logs similar to these. I played with them when I was little and I loved them. Recently, I've noticed most of these type of logs are made of plastic though or composite. These Varis building logs are made of natural, untreated wood, not composite! Varis is a unique, patented construction set that allows making log houses, castles, forts and also airplanes, doll's furniture or other things. All Varis products are FSC certified. The FSC label ensures that the forest products used are from responsibly harvested and verified sources.

"VARIS is a line of natural wooden toys that stimulate a child's imagination and her or his creativity. The main feature of the toys is the assembly itself, which engages the child's mind and promotes the learning of a new skill in the coordination of mind and hands. Putting together quality and design VARIS LOCK system ensures tight construction that derives from perfect work of the single pieces."

Here is another wooden toy that any kid would be lucky to have! Kids love driving cars ans trucks and they love loading and unloading. This is a Fagus Wooden Articulated Truck. All Fagus cars and trucks are made of beech wood (the Latin word fagus=beech) without nails, screws and staples, are interlocked, doweled and glued together by hand and are made to last! Fagus is known for having the highest standards for wooden toy vehicles and producing heirloom quality toys.

This Award Winning, high-quality large, versatile steerable wooden articulated truck comes complete with 2 pallets, 2 cargo boxes, and three wooden figures. Little fingers love to fill the boxes and stack the lumber or take the boxes off and use the truck as a flatbed. Cart the cargo away by using the guiding knob on the roof of the cab. Just imagine the possibilities when used in conjunction with the Fagus crane, forklift, conveyor belt and excavator! is offering a HOLIDAY SPECIAL: 10% Off and Free Shipping on these toys and many more!
(discount code- HOLIDAY)


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