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Eco-friendly Infant and Kids Clothing Yummi Bebe 30% Discount

>> Friday, December 17, 2010

Now here is a really cool concept that I haven't run across before! Yummi Bebe not only offers organic apparel for infants and kids, they also let you return your Yummi Bebe clothing at anytime! Based on the condition of the item, the customer will be given store credit, and the items will either be resold at a reduced price or recycled. By doing this, Yummi Bebe is really proving that are are an eco-friendly apparel store in a whole new way! This return policy decreases the amount of landfill waste created by minimally used baby garments while reducing consumer costs. Pretty cool, huh?

Yummi Bebe green kids apparel sells infant and toddler clothing (through size 6) that is either made in the USA, eco friendly, or fair trade. They believe in being socially responsible in all that they do. At Yummi Bebe, they have irresistible clothing, and an irresistible store policy that makes being green affordable! Yummi Bebe offers hats, shoes, socks, Blankets & Bedding, Bath, Bibs & Burpclothes, and Holiday Items.

"What makes Yummi Bebe unique is that we are the worlds first regenerable apparel company. Our new clothing can be returned at any time allowing others to purchase items in their 2nd and 3rd generation state."

Yummi Bebe is offering my readers a special 30% OFF DISCOUNT coupon code- just enter MWYT at check out. The coupon is good from Friday, December 17th, to Monday December 20th. Yummi Bebe also offers FREE HOLIDAY SHIPPING until January 1, 2011.

You can keep up with Yummi Bebe's latest specials with Yummi Bebe on Facebook and Yummi Bebe on Twitter.

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Jessiccarobertt,  said... December 20, 2010 at 2:48 AM  

Such a great offer of Yummi Bebe! I would like to choose a yummi clothing for my kids, because Yummi Bebe is really proving that are an Eco-friendly services.
Best Regards
BOSS GREEN women's Clothing

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