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Cool Kids Dance DVD by Born to Play Productions

>> Friday, January 29, 2010

I have been considering putting my daughter in a ballet class but I haven't been able to shell out the money yet. Plus I didn't know if she would really like it and how would I entertain Leo while she was dancing? Then I discovered,"The Music Box," a dance along fairy tale by Born to Play Productions. I know my kids like to dance with me to music, so I thought they might like it. I was pleasantly surprised that the dance along is actually structured and instructive all at the same time of being within a story that interests them and breaks the dancing up into pieces they learn from. It actually has a great introduction to ballet and several different types of dance!

"The Music Box" is targeted at kids ages 4 to 7 but my son is not 3 yet and he loves it. My daughter is almost 5 and she loves it too. The first time they saw it, they both just watched intently. The second time they were ready to get up and try out the moves. Sierra was trying to get the steps just right, while my son was just fearlessly giving it a go! My kids really enjoy this DVD and I like that it gives them and interactive introduction to dance. No wonder "The Music Box" is a Telly award winner DVD with Seal of Approval from the Parent's Television Council!

Not only is "The Music Box" an interactive dance DVD, but it also has a fairy tale twist where kids are interactively introduced to several ways of dance. The story involves a tap dancing Clown (tap), a cuddly bear (rhythmic dance), a dancing Gold Bird (port de bras), a jazzy Cat (jazz), an acrobatic Pirate (Hip Hop), a beautiful Ballerina (Ballet), and an exotic Asian Princess (Asian dance.) It is also full of kids who are learning the dance moves as part of the way to rescue the prince in the story. I definitely recommend this DVD as my children really enjoyed it and I found it educational and interactive. You can check it out now at Born to Play.

A copy of "The Music Box" was provided for my children in exchange for our honest opinions. I did not receive any money compensation for this review.


ned,  said... January 29, 2010 at 2:13 PM  

What a great idea to have a fairytale story to get the kids interested while learning dance... My daughter is always dancing around and I'm sure she would love to watch this video. Thanks so much for writing about it!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO!,  said... January 30, 2010 at 1:50 PM  

I have a 2 year old named Scarlet! Beautiful name!

I'm now following from MBC. Come see me too sometime!

Margrethe Wam,  said... February 1, 2010 at 1:18 PM  

Wow!!! This is so cool! I'm gonna buy it now:) Thank you for the great post!

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