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Oh! Toys- Unique, Creative Toys and Reader Discount

>> Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sometimes, I find that life sweeps you along and that an opportunity or an interest can put you in a place you never knew you were going! That is what happened to the owner of Oh! Toys. About 10 years ago, a Cuboro building block and marble run toy gift for his young daughters, wound up fascinating him as much as it did them! He fell in love with its wonderful design and it's developmental and educational qualities and he wound up starting Oh! Toys. The company mission evolved quickly to his simple purpose: To provide cool toys that are otherwise hard to find. The main criteria in selecting toys for his website are that they be educational, and developmentally and creatively stimulating.

I love the Oh! Toys website because it is visually appealing and well organized. I like the product pictures and headings and I like that shopping is made easy and to your taste as you can pick to shop by most popular toys, brand, price, activity, toy type, child's age, or by what's on sale.

I had never heard of Cuboro before I discovered Oh!Toys but I am naturally curious about this toy that inspired a father to start a business around it. So what is Cuboro? "It is an ingenious wooden building block and marble run toy from Switzerland. Cuboro allows endless combinations and designs... Cuboro is truly a "heritage toy" -- one which not only can be passed from one generation to the next, but which children will come back to time and again as they grow and become more sophisticated about their creations." This is indeed an intriguing toy!

Oh! Toys has looked for the unusual, "out-of-the-mainstream" products that you and your children will play with and remember for a long time. Oh! Toys has agreed to give my readers a special 15% discount off the merchandise total. Just use promo code MWYTOH15! This discount is only good once per customer through February so go have a peek at Oh! Toys now! “No cash or credit value. Cannot be combined with other promotional offers.”


Livingston Seventh Day Adventist,  said... January 27, 2010 at 6:46 AM  

Kids always love block and they always love marbles so I bet that is a winner!

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