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The Poor Man’s Recession Survival: Packed with Information

>> Saturday, January 23, 2010

The moto of Poor Man's Recession Survival website is, "Easing the Middle Class Squeeze." The creator of this site started his career as a consumers affairs writer. His goal is to help the average person by providing useful links and information. As he puts it, "This site will provide tools you can use to regain your economic freedom and perhaps learn some new tricks about learning how to live better on less."

Poor Man'a Recession Survival has a Penny Pinchers section which could be helpful to everyone across the board. Penny Pinchers is a compilation of useful hints and tricks for saving money such as coupon sites, freebie sites, scholarship resources, and ways tocut your cleaning bills with everyday products.

The site menu is itself is full options, which include Debt Reduction, 101 Money Savers, Barter Power, Predictions-Trends, JobResources, useful DIY Links, Free Money, LegalResources, PoorMan MegaDeal, Stop Spending, LayOff Strategies, GrassRoots Money, and more. Go ahead and check it our for yourself at Poor Man's Recession Survival.


GypsyFox The Glamorous Betty Crocker,  said... January 23, 2010 at 12:41 PM  

what a great blog! I am always looking for ways to save $$$, but who isn't these days :)following you via MBC friends following friends

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