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For Your Bug-A-Boo All Natural Baby Pacifiers, Organic Cloth Diapers, Bamboo Swaddling Blanket and Reader Discount

>> Tuesday, September 28, 2010

natural and organic baby products
If you are expecting at little addition to the family or have a baby already then you will want to know about the wide selection of all natural baby products at For Your Bug-A-Boo. She has everything from non-toxic teethers, to organic cotton layette, and 100% Natural baby wash and diaper creams to name just a few. For Your Bug-A-Boo's goal is to provide a selection of baby care products that are of high quality without many of the extra ingredients that may be harmful to our babies. Pretty simple right? And yet so often overlooked. It is great that she has such a wide selection of things you need for your baby so you can do one stop natural shopping.

Here is a great natural pacifier that I never even knew about with my first two children but which I want for my third. All Natursutten natural orthodontic pacifiers are made from pure, natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasiliensi. They contain NO artificial color, chemicals softener, parabens, PVC, phtalates or BPA (bisphenol-A). And contain NO allergy-causing substances (the protein that on rare occasions can provoke a latex allergy is completely eliminated during production). Their larger shield is designed to touch baby’s nose, providing comfort by more closely simulating breast-feeding. They are softer than silicone; and are extremely hygienic because they are molded in one piece, with no joints or cracks where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. Unlike some conventional pacifiers, they won’t leave marks on baby’s face.

Looking for great cloth diapers? For Your Bug-A-Boo offers a great selection of great cloth diapering products. She carries Adjustable Organic Cloth Diapers and covers as well as all in one organic cloth diapers. Her fitted cloth diapers are made with pure organic cotton terry knit. Absorbent, 100% Organic Soft Egyptian Cotton , and a great fit puts these diapers on my wish list for my next baby.

If you follow my blog, you may have noticed that bamboo cloth is one of my new loves. So it will come as no surprise to you that I love For Your Bug-A-Boo's Bamboo Swaddling Blanket by Satsuma. I love that bamboo is so eco-friendly and I also love that is amazingly soft. I mean super soft plus it is naturally antibacterial! My babies loved to be swaddled.

For Your Bug-A-Boo has Natural Baby Care, Organic Baby Bedding & Blankets, Organic Baby Clothing & Accessories, Organic Cloth Diapering Products, Natural Gift Sets for Moms, Natural Organic Gift Sets for Baby, Organic Baby Teethers, and more. Not only does she have good picks, but For Your Bug-A-Boo also has good prices. They are even better for a limited time with a great discount to my readers- 20% off your purchase, just use promo code: MOMSWYT20


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