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Tips on How to Go Green While Scrapbooking

>> Sunday, September 19, 2010

The following is a guest post by the author of Green Home Green Business and Go Green Live Long Blog.

Despite the fact that scrapbooking involves using tons paper, the idea of scrapbooking and going green at the same time can actually be done. One way of keeping the waste to a minimum is by recycling the products you can no longer use instead of throwing everything away.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Reuse Paper
A lot of the paper products used for scrapbooking are sold in specialty packaging that costs a lot of money. A great way to save money and be more eco friendly when scrapbooking, is by using recycled paper instead. You can also make this popular hobby green by recycling and reusing any products you don’t finish. This includes scraps of paper which can be repurposed as page borders, embellishments, etc.

Reuse household "junk"
Reusing household “junk” is another way to save money and still be green because packaging, clothing tags, and other odds and ends from around the house can find new life as scrapbooking material. Don’t buy fake (and expensive) scrapbooking buttons when you can reuse real buttons from an old shirt. Cut off the buttons and set them aside, then cut up the shirt for rags. You can use the rags for cleaning your stamps or simply glue it to some cardboard and use for a paper-piecing project. Interesting art from junk mail and magazines can also be given a second life in scrapbooks.

Share Supplies
Offer to share supplies with a few other scrapbookers. This will provide you with access to more cool stuff that you each may need and save money!

Organize your scrapbook supplies
If you really want to have an eco-friendly scrapbooking experience, organization will be the key. As long as you keep all of your scraps and other supplies well-arranged, you won’t end up buying lots of stuff that you already have. This way, you can go green, have fun, and save money at the same time!

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Mami,  said... September 21, 2010 at 9:10 AM  

I really like this post as a scrapbooker myself :)

I placed your button on my blog (sorry I just read your note on MBC from a while back).


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