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First Juice Gets Two Thumbs up from my family!

>> Sunday, December 20, 2009

I had never tried First Juice until recently but it turns out we all love it! First Juice is a company that was started by a dad to create what he wanted to be able to give his own daughter but had difficulty finding- organic juice with less sugar and with the perfect packaging, a BPA-free, reusable sippy bottle. Everything about it sounds good and the colorful labels look good, but I put it to the test.

Let me first introduce my panel of judges. My daughter is not a big juice drinker and prefers mostly water. My son loves juice and could drink it all day long! I brought two bottles of First Juice with us on a road trip because of the great no spill reusable sippy bottle design. I gave them each a bottle and they started sucking it down. I asked Sierra, "Is this the best juice you ever had or just OK?" She said it was the best juice she ever had! She also said, "I definitely want you to order more of this juice!" I wasn't surprised that Leo loved it since he loves all juice but I was surprised when I later gave him the choice between a juice box and a First Juice bottle and he choose the First Juice.

I am so pleased to see that they enjoyed First Juice because after reading the label, I was sold. In fact, I wish we had discovered it when my son was a year old because I do believe that it really would be a great first juice. The flavors First Juice offers are not as sweet as many juices because the fruits are moderated by the addition of a a vegetable providing a little more of a tangy flavor. There are orange or purple carrots (which are really just beautiful) in each bottle! First Juice is also blended with purified water resulting in the lowest per-ounce sugar content on the market. Toddlers have such an impressionable palate and serving less sweet tastes from the start can promote healthier taste preferences. First Juice is also fortified with calcium, and vitamins A,C, and D.

First juice will get less sugar into my kids, more vegetables, and expand their palate all with the bonus reusable sippy bottle that is free of bispenol-a and phthalates and can be recycled! I am honestly surprised how much I love this product! I will be heading to Target to pick up some more! It is also carried by Whole Foods and Toys 'R' Us and can ordered on the First Juice Website. You can even print a coupon from their site!

The opinions I expressed are my own and those of my children. First Juice did NOT provide me with any monetary compensation for this review. They did provide me with a free sample.


Scarlet of Moms Wear Your Tees,  said... January 28, 2010 at 1:30 PM  

I still love reusing my First Juice sippy bottles! They are great and I love that the juice has vegetables in it too. Still using it!

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