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Carl and Me Exceptional Toys and a Reader Discount

>> Saturday, June 12, 2010

wooden toys
Carl and Me Exceptional Toys for Boys is a great online store started by a stay at home dad. I love the story of how it got started. Carl's dad says, "We went to every major retailer and found mainly battery driven, plastic toys that played with Carl instead of letting him play with them. They got boring really quickly and were rarely played with again. He kept playing with his old favourites from relatives in Europe - wooden blocks, cars and trains - and always came up with a bunch of different ideas and stories to play out. The problem then was finding such toys here in the USA and that's when I decided to not only import them but to look for toys of the same high quality right here in the USA."

I love the VARIS line of natural wooden toys that stimulate a child's imagination and her or his creativity. The main feature of the toys is the assembly itself, which engages the child's mind and promotes the learning of a new skill in the coordination of mind and hands. Varis is a unique, patented construction set that allows making log houses, castles, forts and also airplanes, doll's furniture or other things. My children could play with these for hours and I love that they are real wood.
VARIS wooden construction set

I know my kids would get a kick out of the Morgan PickUp Ranch Trike too! Like all kids, mine love to ride and they love to transport things. This is like a trike and a wagon in one- irresistible to any child!
Morgan tricycle
You will love Carl and Me toys! And here is the best part- the owners have decided to give my readers a special 10% discount, just use code "tees"! They do same day shipping for all toys in stock too so head on over and take a peak at Carl and

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