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Kids Konserve Waste-Free Snak Pak and a Reader Discount

>> Friday, June 4, 2010

waste-free lunch kitsKids Konserve was founded by two mothers who wanted to set example of conservation for their children and empower them to be the examples of change for the future! According to the EPA, each year the U.S. consumes 380 BILLION plastic bags, sacks, and wraps! Kids Konserve is dedicated to the cause of helping make your life easier one less plastic bag at a time by providing waste-free lunch kits and other reusable products.

reuseable snack packI was very happy to be able to review Kids Konserve Snak Pak. My kids and I love to go out and do fun stuff and it is always nice to have a snack handy or pack a little picnic! The Kids Konserve Snak Pak is the perfect waste-free solution for on the go snacks. I love the reusable cotton drawstring bag which measures 9" x 13". It is a great size and the draw strings help keep things from escaping! I also love that you can throw it in the wash. It comes with a very cute matching cloth napkin and reusable food kozy, the Kids Konserve reusable plastic baggie. The food kozy is very easy to use with velcro closure and very easy to wash. It also comes with a reusable 304 food-grade stainless steel leak-proof food container. I really love the stainless steel food container because it is so easy to wash and does not hold any food colors or odors like plastic ones do. It feels great having a ready to go NON-TOXIC, Non-Leaching, BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free, and Lead-free snack option all ready to use. I also love that it is so stylish I would use it for my own light lunch without kids and feel pretty sassy!

You can check out Kids Konserve to see all their waste-free lunch kits and reusable bottles. Kids Konserve has generously offered a 15% discount code valid until June 30- "yourtees". Enjoy!


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