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Have you heard of the book, "Slow Death by Rubber Duck"?

>> Monday, May 10, 2010

"Slow Death by Rubber Duck," is written by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie and it details the toxins found in our homes, how they make their way inside our bodies and the very real impact they have on our health.

The book's been reviewed recently in the Washington Post, by O, The Oprah Magazine and the book's authors were recently profiled on Dr. Oz.

The authors ran toxic chemical experiments on themselves! Say what? Wow, that is brave! Using everyday household items, and the book chronicles the shocking results. The toxicity levels in their blood for some chemicals rose by more than 2000% as a direct result of exposure to products that most of us use in our homes.

Below is Slow Death by Rubber Duckauthors' top 10 list of ways to protect your children from these daily hazards and toxins:

* Reduce non-stick products and stain repellents
* Cut PVC plastic and fragrances
* Eliminate Flame retardants in fabrics
* Don’t use hard plastic containers
* Eat Organic food
* Have some fish in moderation
* Stop using antibacterial products
* Use natural household cleaning products
* Call the companies
* Contact Congress

Do you worry about this type of thing?


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