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Jim's Organic Coffee Tanzanian Roasts

>> Monday, May 10, 2010

organic coffeeJim's Organic Coffee™ is grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Not only is it better for you but, organic coffee also improves the ecosystem of the farms and surrounding communities through improved water quality, topsoil retention, and increased biodiversity. Jim's Organic Coffee is slowly hand roasted to deliver a rich full and clean cup. I have reviewed Jim's Organic Coffee before and I am pleased to do it again because I really think it is top notch! I also really love that they take being green a step further and use only green energy and they use a sealed, one-way valve, stay fresh coffee bag that contains 19% renewable resources.

Jim's organic coffee is available in an infinite variety of roasts, as well as flavored coffees. I am familiar of with their dark roasts Espresso Jimbo and French Roast, both of which are superb blends. This time I got try two single origin coffees, which means the beans come from one area.

The Tanzania "AA" Mbeya was a very nice blend. It is high in acidity and low in body. It is a light to medium blend with notes of cherry. This is a great roasts for enoying as brewed coffee as opposed to espresso because it has so many light subtle flavors. I also tried the Tanzania Peaberry which was really a treat! Peaberries are a much less common roasts. This one was delightful and a little richer than the Tanzania Mbeya but still not heavy or too rich.

Jim's Organic also has a Jim's Facebook page where they share the latest info and it is full of customers comments. Here is one recent post, "As an avid consumer of organic coffee (and organic everything) I definitely wanted to give yours a try. As someone who has tried at least ten varieties of Trader Joe's coffee, Whole Foods' coffee, many of Newman's Own, Green Mountain Coffee, The Organic Coffee Co. and MANY others, I have found your to taste the best!! I don't know how you do it, but this stuff is GOOD." My sentiments exactly! I really love Jim's Organic Coffee wholeheartedly!

Jim's Organic Coffee did provide me with the Tanzanian Coffees to try in hopes that I would share my honest opinions. I received no monetary compensation and the opinions expressed are my own.


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