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I want some new wooden toys from
Carl and Me!

>> Friday, February 12, 2010

Yesterday, I woke up to a mess! I went to bed to it also but I guess I was too tired to register it! Anyway, there were toys everywhere. It put me into a cleaning frenzy. I decided I had picked up many of those plastic toys way too many times. Especially the ones that come apart into 15 pieces and never seem to be fully assembled and the ones that always run out of batteries! I got some bags out and made a very nice pile to bring to Good Will.

I am ready to fung shui my place (the principle that a good environment enhances our wellbeing and helps us relax). So I headed on over to Carl and Me to make up a birthday shopping list for my two cuties that will please them and keep my place feeling greener and cleaner.

Look at some of my hot picks!

Fagus Forklift Loader. I can see Leo and Sierra having a blast with this one. They love manipulating things and making them work!

This Fagus Car Loader would keep Leo super happy as he loves cars and loading and unloading them is his kind of game!

NIC Wooden Toys - Runnic Walker would be perfect for Sierra. She wants to learn to ride a bike and a friend of mine has this for her son and he loves it. Because it is a little lower to the ground and doesn't have pedals that get in the way, he is able to learn his balance and he zooms around on that thing!

NIC Wooden Toys - Weaving Frame Susi This one looks like a toy that Sierra would dig! Her aunt was just showing her how to knit a scarf and I think she would love this!

Carl & Me will donate 10% of every order until March 31st to Save the Children for the suffering children of Haiti. Plus, the owners have decided to give my readers a special 10% discount, just use code "tees"! They do same day shipping for all toys in stock too so head on over and take a peak at Carl and!


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