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Safe Green Alternative For Fingernail Polish: Piggy Paint and a Reader Discount

>> Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My daughter recently told me she wanted to paint her fingernails like her friend. I told her, "no." She was very disappointed but I explained to her that fingernail polish has lots of chemicals in it that I don't think are good for her or the environment. (Most varieties have Toluene, DBP, ethyl acetate, acetone and Formaldehyde- chemicals that can cause birth defects in lab animals and are known carcinogens.) She understood but I didn't realize she was going to go tell her friend and her mom that fingernail polish was bad for them! Anyway, I recently ran across a fingernail polish for kids that is safe- Piggy Paint. I loved the slogan, "natural as mud" and I knew that Sierra would be excited to get to paint her nails like her friends.

I checked out the company further and founder of Piggy Paint™ is a stay-at-home mom with two little girls. She decided to create Piggy Paint, water-based polish that is specially formulated of natural ingredients right here in the USA, after an incident she experienced when painting her daughter's nails with traditional nail polish. "One day while we were painting nails over a foam plate, my daughter dropped a glob of her solvent-based polish onto the plate... From that day on, I decided that any flammable substance that could eat through foam was unacceptable for my children’s fingernails, which would inevitably end up in their mouths."

This polish sounded great and we were very excited to receive a bottle of Piggy Paint polish and a Piggy Paint polish remover (contains none of the solvents that could offend your nose or harm our atmosphere). It came packaged in a very small box and with 100% reused peanuts. I like those earth friendly touches. Sierra wanted to paint her nails herself and I let her have a go at it because I figured it would be good for her to improve her dexterity. We put on a second coat as directed and gave it a quick low heat blow dry. She loved it! She wanted to paint my fingernails and toenails too! I think Piggy Paint is a great product and gives me peace of mind and lets her have fun. It doesn't last chip-free as long as traditional nail polish but I think that is just fine considering the safety trade-off!

Piggy Paint comes in 14 different colors. It also comes in really cute gift packs which would make lovely presents or just gets you a discount for buying multiples.
Spend over $25 before March 1, 2010 and domestic shipping is FREE! Plus, they ship Worldwide! Piggy Paint has generously agreed to give my readers 10% off anything on their website until March 31, 2010- just use code TEES10L

For secret sales and special offers, you can follow Piggy Paint on Twitter and Facebook.

Piggy Pain did provide the forever fancy fingernail polish and remover in exchange for my honest opinions. The opinions I expressed are my own and no monetary compensation was provided.


apple wrangler,  said... February 4, 2010 at 12:29 AM  

so cool! Ive been wondering if they have any non toxic nailpolish! i found you on cafemom blogging mamas! im a follower:)

Sabrina M Bowen,  said... February 4, 2010 at 9:22 AM  

That is awesome! Makes me wish I had girls! lol! I'm following! And thanks for following Me!

TheCrunchyWife,  said... February 4, 2010 at 1:21 PM  

Hi! I'm not following you through MBC :) I'm going to have to try out this piggy paint...especially since I'm all about the environment (check out my blog)

Hope you can stop by!

Ginger,  said... February 4, 2010 at 3:21 PM  

What a great find! Can't wait to get some for my daughter! Thanks for an awesome review!

carrie,  said... February 7, 2010 at 10:01 PM  

oooh cool! thanks for reviewing this. found you through mbc!

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