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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Marriage Last

>> Saturday, August 28, 2010

This is a guest post by Liberty Kontranowski.

Somewhere between the flurry of excitement surrounding your engagement and the
Hokey Pokey at your reception, someone failed to tell you how hard marriage actually can be.

So how do you avoid the trap that is boredom during marriage? And if you’ve already
fallen into it, how do you get out? Here, 5 Tips for Making Your Marriage Last (and for
re-igniting a slow-burning spark):

1 . Laugh together – Not only is laughter the best medicine (don’t you just love
clich├ęs?), it is also a bonding mechanism. When you and your partner share a
laugh, you’re sharing a moment of realization: both of you agree that the same
thing is funny. This might be the first time you agreed on anything in months, so
enjoy the moment. Moving forward, make sure to giggle along when your hubby
snickers over something or be diligent about creating opportunities to share a
good guffaw (watching home movies of your Aunt Thelma shaking her groove
thang at your wedding reception or catching a show at a local comedy club, for

2 . Text your way to Flirtsville – Sometimes it’s hard for couples to reconnect after
a little “time off” in the bedroom. If you’re raring to get things rolling again, but
the thought of hand-holding and other one-time displays of affection would now
feel out of place, start small. Instead of texting your bestie about your fab new
fish recipe, text a little something naughty (or nice) to your hubby. Didn’t get a
reaction the first time around? No worries, he probably just blew it off as a one-
time thing. Try again. In fact, keep trying until he either jumps on board or tells
you to stop (and we seriously doubt he’d do that!)

3 . Get a life – Let’s be truthful. After many years of marriage, conversation (if you
can work any in between the demands of kids and work, that is) can be a little
dull. If you can’t think of anything to say to your spouse that doesn’t have to do
with household obligations or your children, it’s time to get a life. Try talking
about something you can both relate to, but that shows you have interests outside
of your home life together. It’s always fun to get to know someone, so take that
cue and get to know a side of your hubby you’ve never really explored…and let
him do the same for you!

4 . Watch the tube – Sure, there’s all kinds of chatter these days about how
technology is ruining marriages and families, but let’s face it, when you sit down
to watch a show with your husband, you are both present and engaged in the same
activity at the same time. Bonus: you’ll have something to talk about after the
show is done…and you might even share a laugh. So make a date to tune in to an
awesome show and enjoy the “side-effects” of a little escapism.

5 . Celebrate your marriage – There is a certain day each year carved out just for
you two to celebrate your union….it’s called your anniversary. Remember? While
many couples forgo any amount of hoopla surrounding the day, be sure to take
the time to actually celebrate what you’ve accomplished together. Select a great
card, then add your own sentiments. Compliment him on all the positive attributes
that keeps you lusting after him. Tell him how much you appreciate what he’s
done for you/your family/the dog he rescued from certain death. Tell him what
he means to you and how your life is positively affected by his presence. Most of
all, remind him that he’s special, and we think that he’ll be so touched, you can
expect the same kind of treatment next year.

Marriage might not be cake, but it sure can be a brownie. Take time and make the
effort to stay connected (or reconnect) with your spouse and reap the rewards of a
solid and long-lasting marriage.

Liberty Kontranowski is a freelance writer, providing high quality content to, a US located online pharmacy, selling only FDA approved medications and providing comprehensive research, such as the Skin Resource Center.

I remember long before I was married, I asked my grandmother who recently had her 60th anniversary what the secret tip was. She told me that sometimes, it isn't always easy, that sometimes "marriage is work." I think all marriages hit rough patches and when I have one, I remember to work though it. It is worth it after all!

Thrifty Jinxy shared her best tip-"(I have been married a little over 8 years.) Learn when it is better to just agree to disagree rather than to argue. There are certain issues/circumstances where you and your husband may never see eye to eye. You can choose to either keep revisiting the same issue over and over again and continue to argue, or you can accept the fact that you each have your own opinion and may never convince the other to change their mind, so it is better to be respectful of each other’s view and live in harmony, rather than to argue."

What's your best marriage tip?

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Doug Stephens,  said... August 29, 2010 at 9:52 PM  

Good post from your guest blogger. Since I am about to get married (for the second time)I read it closely, and might even follow some of the advice :)

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