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Delingos and other Unique, Educational Toys at Oh! Toys

>> Wednesday, August 25, 2010

unique, educational toys
Oh! Toys awesome toy store was started by Ken Kahn, a father who fell in love with a toy and it changed his life! He discovered the Swiss toy Cuboro in a gift store and brought it home to his daughters. Cuboro's wonderful design and it's developmental and educational qualities wound up fascinating him as much as it did his children. He wound up starting Oh! Toys with a simple purpose- to provide "cool toys that are hard to find." Ken also believes strongly in excellent customer service and he knows his toys inside out and backwards and really enjoys offering suggestions. He is a fun and funny guy believes in having fun and helping families find enriching toys.

Oh! Toys offers a wide variety of educational toys and you can shop by various activities such as build, roll, imagine, spin, create, and think! You can also shop by age or popular picks so it is always easy to find what you want, even when you don't know what you want!

You may be curious about what a Cuboro is, since it is the toy that launched the store!
Cuboro is a eco-friendly, high-quality, building block and marble track system. Cuboro elements feature functions on the surface as well as tunnel functions. Countless combinations are possible - starting from simple two-dimensional ones up to highly complex three-dimensional ones. There are also several sets that can work independently or together for building even more complex marble runs.
CuboroOh! Toys also has some fun toys that are great for younger kids like Delingos quirky, highly tactile, stuffed animals. The Deglingos are an artist-deigned collection of French plush. They are a unique species of contagiously quirky animals whose names all end with 'os'. The name is a play on the French word 'deglingue' which roughly translates to 'crazy' or 'wacky'. Deglingos are made from 48 different kinds of fabric and string, creating a tactile and visual feast! Their eclectic look endears them to kids and adults alike, whether to cuddle or collect. My kids just adore them as you can see!

If that is not enough to love about Oh! Toys, here is more:
1. Birthday Club
Join the birthday club for a birthday special.
2. Scavenger Hunt to win $50
Find the answers at the Oh! Toys web site, and you have a chance to win a $50 Gift Code to the site. Scavenger Hunt details.


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