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Autumn Gardening

>> Sunday, August 29, 2010

This is a guest post. I think gardening is a great way to go green and grow your own organic vegetables. It is also fun for me and my kids love to help dig, plant, water, and pick! Of course, flowers make a beautiful addition to any yard. Start out with a small patch and add to it each year!

Autumn Gardening Tips

After all the bloom and activity of the spring and summer, autumn is a moment of calm in the garden. If you’re lucky, the first few weeks of autumn will be an Indian summer making it a pleasant time to potter in the garden and get everything sorted ready for a winter rest. This article guides you through some of the main areas of autumn garden care enabling you to prepare your garden for a healthy fruitful spring.

Fall Gardening Tips-

If you have a green house, early autumn is the time to use it to house plants which are vulnerable to frost and the winter cold. If you do not have a green house, then a conservatory or utility room are suitable alternatives.

Autumn is a good time for clearing and tidying the garden. If you continue to dead head your bedding plants and perennials you can prolong their flowering further into autumn. As it is a great time of year for planting spring bulbs, autumn is a good time to consider whether you want to make rearrangements or changes in the garden. If you want to make major changes, you could dig up some lawn to make a new bed for spring bulbs, or tackle that part of the garden which has never been a success and plant some bulbs there. In terms of landscaping, autumn is also a good time to lay new lawn; however, this is only advisable if the soil is relatively dry and not too wet.

If you have tall and long reaching plants, autumn is the time to reinforce their support to ensure they can survive the strong winds of autumn and winter. This may require more than just a single support, so it could be worth considering investing in some sturdy supports such as ring or maypole structures.

It’s great to get garden maintenance over and done with in the autumn. Clear out gutters and water butts in preparation for heavy rainfalls. If you have canes or nets you required in summer but no longer need in autumn, take them down, clean and store them. Sharpen tools and fix ladders, sheds, or other equipment in preparation for their heavy use in the spring and summer months.

Clear and collect falling leaves throughout the autumn as these are great to add to your compost. Try to avoid burning or trashing any of your autumn garden waste and instead compost as much as you can.

Grant performs Garden design in Surrey. He loves to give advice on gardening throughout the seasons for beginners or even experts.

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Jiniffer Sen,  said... August 30, 2010 at 2:40 AM  

Hydroponic Lights

Amazing post......Well, thanx for sharing an interesting and useful info………my mom like to do gardening……and I help her…its really enjoyable!!!!!!!!

Becky Jane,  said... August 31, 2010 at 9:28 AM  

Autumn gardens can be the most breathtaking of all gardens. I've planted several trees, vines, and flowers that express their beauty in the fall! It's always a fun surprise when they begin to turn color!
Thanks for your post and link.
Becky Jane

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