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Five of My Favorite Family Time Ideas

>> Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Family time is fun time! There are so many great ways to spend time together as a family but here are a few of our favorites family activities.

1. Read a book.
Sometimes it is many, many books. Sometimes it is the same book over and over. Sometimes it is a chapter from a big book we are reading together. Reading never gets old. Plus it is relaxing for my husband and I when we may feel low on energy to keep up with them.

2. Family sport.
We love to play soccer and football or just plain wrestle. They love being active. Sometimes I just referee and sometimes we all get involved.

3. Trip to the park.
My kids always love the playground whether it is in my backyard or the big huge neighborhood Red Caboose playground. We almost always play tag while we are there!

4. Trip to the Nature Center.
We love to go exploring together hiking the trails and checking out the creek and pond for critters! We have spent countless hours doing this.

5. Game Time.
My kids are just getting old enough to enjoy playing games all together and this is something I look forward to doing more and more! They love memory, Uno, Zimmbos, and Guess Who. Game time is a great after dinner activity.

So many ways to have fun with kids! Crafts and pretend games just missed my list but they are right up there too. What is your favorite fun way to spend family time?

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