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For Your Bug-A-Boo Now Offers Kathe Kruse, Beautiful Hand-crafted Organic Baby Items

>> Monday, August 23, 2010

baby boutique

I am excited to say that For Your Bug-A-Boo Baby Boutique now offers Kathe Kruse beautiful handcrafted organic baby items! Each and every single Kathe Kruse toy is made by hand with loving attention to detail. The Kathe Kruse organic line uses only organic materials such as 100% organic cotton and sheep wool. Cultivated according to biodynamic economics and free of all synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Picked by hand and mechanically cored. Spun in a modern mill without chemical agents. The thread is either natural or dyed with chemical-free, naturally reactive colors, free of heavy metals and organic halogens. Plus, wait till you see how cute this stuff is!
Kathe Kruse hedgehog
Cherrystone Pillow, Hedgehog by Kathe Kruse
This darling hedgehog pillow looks is made from all natural organic ultra soft distressed cotton terry and cotton velour. It looks so super soft and cuddly for your little one. It also features lots of tags which babies always love to play with and explore. It is great for tactile stimulation, visual interest and motor skills development.

The Hedgehog Pillow also has a separate removable pouch insert that is safely stitched shut and filled with little cherry stones. The purpose of this is that the cherry stones are are excellent in retaining temperature, whether hot or cold, so the pouch can be removed to heat or chill and then reinserted back in the hedgehog’s safe and secure velcro closure. This is really unique and I think it would be super comforting to a little one, especially on a cold night.
Kathe Kruse bunny
Ikibab Bunny Towel Doll by Kathe Kruse
This cute little Ikibab Bunny towel doll is an ultra soft, which babies instantly feel attracted to, and is made of 100% organic cotton and the lambs head is stuffed with wool. It features lots of tags that babies love to play with and explore. The bunny is natural soft cotton velour and cotton flannel and has a sweet and delicate hand embroidered face. This is a great first snuggle doll for any baby.
Kathe Kruse doll
Organic Gugguli Baby Toy by Kathe Kruse
This precious Gugguli has a super soft, floppy, unstuffed body/gown made of beautiful pink striped organic cotton knit. Its flat body is wonderful for snuggling and the nubby hands and knotted cap is fun for babies to chew on. It is made with 100% organic cotton and organic wool. Her head and hands are stuffed with wool. The knotted hat and removable collar are made of ultra soft organic cotton flannel.

If you are looking for snuggly, organic baby dolls or pillows, For Your Bug-A-Boo has just the Kathe Kruse baby items to fit the bill. For Your Bug-A-Boo also has some really great organic clearance you might want to check out! I'm talking half off and more!

Want to be in the know when some more goodies get marked down to clearance? Just like For Your Bug-A-Boo on Facebook.

Plus, For Your Bug-A-Boo is extending a special 20% off discount for my readers- MOMSWYT20. Sweet, huh?


garry,  said... August 25, 2010 at 2:56 AM  

These information which you can share is really great. It is great for tactile stimulation, visual interest and motor skills development.

Sonia Kathuria,  said... August 28, 2010 at 7:23 AM  

it is a beautiful blog created, lovely designs and great creativity on kids wear, keep it up.

following u from MBC,kindly follow me on:

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