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>> Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am very excited to review an item from today! They have a very large selection of quality contemporary, modern furniture at affordable prices.

I needed a trash can for my kitchen but I didn't want just any old trash can. I wanted a snazzy one to look nice. So I checked out their selection and I decided on a stainless steel trash can for looks, smell prevention, and durability. Next I chose the model and there were a lot to choose from!

I chose to try the simplehuman Profile Step Can. This model appealed to me because of several key features. I recycle so I don't have a lot of trash and I wanted a smaller model so that I could empty it frequently and avoid any kitchen and diaper odors. This simplehuman can is designed for use with plastic grocery bags with custom handles on the inner bucket to hold the bag securely in place! I loved that feature. I always try to bring my reuseable shopping bags but sometimes I forget and it is nice to have a way to reuse those shopping bags. Plus now I won't have to buy trash bags! The slim profile shape makes this trash can a great fit for my pantry, right next to my recycling. I love the convenient step pedal, non-skid base, and durable fingerprint resistant plastic lid. I also really love that it comes with a five year warranty! guarantees "your absolute satisfaction - 100% of the time." They also offer free shipping on orders over $69. So go ahead and explore all the Modern Spaces they have- Bedroom, Dining Room, Kids and Baby, Kitchen, Living Room, and Office!

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