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Paoloma Pottery- Recycled Glass Infused Pottery

>> Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today I am blogging about something near and dear to my heart- an artist! Having two very artistic parents makes me appreciate all the effort an artist puts into their work. I myself have always been facinated by pottery. Paloma Pottery is extra cool because she incorporates recycled glass into her work!

Paloma Pottery owner and artist says, “I am always trying to find new uses for things that may otherwise be thrown away. When I saw the results of adding broken glass to the pottery pieces I knew I had found my niche.” Paloma Pottery was born in Jan of 2000 with a mission to run a socially responsible and sustainable business while providing unique recycled products at low affordable prices.

The combination of the recycled glass into her pottery created a unique crackle glass surface that sparkles and reflects light – "enchanting the eyes with its intriguing depth of colors and textures. The distinct shapes and positioning of each fragment insures each Paloma Pottery and Glass piece to have a sparkle and depth that is truly unique."

Paloma Pottery offers lots of choices:
Bookmarks, Bottle Stoppers, Candleholders, Clocks, Dinnerware, Door Pulls & Knobs,
Earrings, Garden Stones, Incense Burners, Key Chains, Magnets, Mirrors, Necklaces Pendants, Ornaments, Pins, Ring Holders, Soap Dishes, Tables, Tiles, Wall Hooks, Home and Garden, and even Jewelry & Accessories!

I was lucky enough to receive a Medium Candle Coaster in Tropical Water color.
The crackle glass surface sparkles with profound rich colors and textures and yet it is smooth to the touch. It looks like lots of little gems are under the smooth surface! I think it is very elegant and decorative and at the same time practical. I also liked the little cork pads on the bottom of the candle coaster that let it slide smoothly. I would like to get a whole set of these!

You can sign up to receive special Paloma Pottery sales and discounts once a month here.

Paloma Pottery did send me the coaster with the hopes that I would share my opinions with others. I did not receive monetary compensation and the opinions expressed are my own.

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