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Pony-Opoly for Little Horse and Pony Lovers: 44% off at Growing Tree Toys Deal of the Day

>> Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I was checking out educational toys at Growing Tree Toys when I came across this cute game- PONY-OPOLY. It is on the Deal of the Day Special. (One toy, at a super discount price, until it sells out! Different toy each day.)

Today's Price: $8.95, You save 44%

This game caught my notice because I remember having a similar game that I loved to play with my mom when I was little. It taught me the name of tons of butterflies and moths and something about each one. This game is a horse and pony lover's dream. Ponyopoly Board Game has different pony breeds instead of real estate. Every deed card in the Ponyopoly Board Game has a fact about the breed and helpful pony tips to teach children all about their ponies. I love fun, educational games you can play with your kids and learn something too!


Blissful Babe,  said... April 29, 2010 at 7:28 AM  

We have Horse-opoly, which my son just loves. It's such a nice break from Boardwalk and Reading Railroad.

It's much more fun to pretend you're buying a thoroughbred. :D

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